Keyboard Incident

Sorry, I would have posted yesterday…but..Dave poured Dr Pepper into the keyboard we had just recently replaced from my son spilling water into the previous one. Honestly, I think I have been through about a dozen keyboards in 5 years since I have first owned a computer! In any case, It is now 4:14AM and I have been up for an hour now! I have been making quill earrings as fast as I can go for a few days now, plus trying to get my house back in some kind of order. The holidays are, AS USUAL, creeping in super quick!

I have 10 pairs of earrings made and I think each pair I like better than the last, although they are quills and all have the same style, the colors capture me I think, some more than others. I will make the grand attempt to take photos later. I am stockpiling them and will make as many as I can for Diane’s show in OK and just before she is ready to go, I will buy a mass of sterling hooks and put them on then. So for now, the earrings will be photographed without hooks. I would like to have 60 pairs ready for her, but I have to make some horsehair things as well. Why does time have to go so fast??!!

I have many many plans of things I want to bead and can’t, hope I can remember them and still be inspired to make them when I am done the earrings and stuff. I am getting a bit nervous about teaching at The Beadin’ Path! It is such a prestigious venue and I worry that I won’t cut the mustard. Also nervous about having things ready for my next show in November, my last Bead Fiesta for this year, then I have to get right to work planning my next batch of classes for next year. I have some ideas that I will throw out here soon.

Off to the couch…..


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