I Just Can’t Wait!

I have had a piece of Bead Embroidery done for quite awhile now and I had taken it to all my shows with Bead Fiesta. At the last show a lady said this particular piece should be published. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone had said that to me about that piece. So, checking my email one day and the usual Daily Digests come rolling in and there was one I checked out and it said they were looking for beading for a new publication. Well, I thought what do I have to lose..right?! Gathering faith in myself, I send the email. To make a long story short, I am being published soon and I am so psyched I can barely stand it!! It is going to be in the premier issue of Bead Trends, a relative of Scrapbooking Trends. The issue will be out for Nov/Dec.

Bead Trends is a brand new publication launching this holiday season! Bead Trends is a series of beautiful idea books published six times a year, featuring a great variety of incredible jewelry and bead creations.


Bead Trends (Mar/Apr 2008) Call
Bead Trends Magazine is currently looking for designs with the following themes for our Mar/Apr 2008 issue.


  • Spring Style
  • Spring Style
  • For Baby
  • Quick & Easy
  • Wire Wrapped
  • Matching Sets
  • For Mom
  • Anything Goes
  • Dangles
  • Semi-Precious Gemstones
  • Birthstones (Aquamarine/Crystal)

If you would like to submit your work to this publication, please e-mail a photograph, the name or title of your piece, and contact information to: beadsubmit@scrapbooktrendsmag.com. Deadline for the Mar/Apr 2008 issue is 11:59 p.m. MDT, November 1st. We will review all submissions, and, if selected, we will contact you with additional information. All pieces will need to be shipped to us directly for photography. Your creation will be returned to you insured, after the issue has been printed.


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