Mask Challenge

OMG! Psyched! Just received my mask for The Beadin’ Path Challenge! I wasn’t expecting it until October, so the mask is propped up within view of my work area, so I can stare at it until I start working on it. As tempted as I am to attack it right this moment, I can’t, I have too many other things to do first. I have asked Dave for his thoughts and inspiration, so now he will actually have a visual to inspire his brain. I have to dig out the camera and I have photos for all of you! The holiday season is nearing, so it is ALL about sparkle and I have 2 very sparkle-y pieces to share with you. I also replaced my photography lights and bought DAYLIGHT bulbs instead of halogen! DUH! LOL I also bought those cone shaped lights that clamp, although I have nothing to clamp them to…they are leaning, but will work LOL So tomorrow, I promise that I will get rid of all this text in this blog and show you some photos! I will even take a photo of the mask for the challenge. How does that sound? LOL

The weather is to die for here today, I wish all of you could have some of this!


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