Inspiration Overload

Can a person actually be over inspired? I believe it can happen, because I feel like this daily. Of course, I bring it upon myself to feel this way because every morning after I pour my coffee I sit down to my computer and snoop around at other people’s blogs and websites. I added a bunch of terrific websites in my Inspiration/ Admiration link this morning and holy WOW factor! I knew these ladies were good and I ran across their sites this morning. If you need a sight for sore eyes, check out any of them. There are more I know, but rather than spending the day on the computer, I just add as I run across them. My mind is overloaded with ideas…like I needed the help. LOL

I started working with my Tourmaline chips yesterday and expect to finish the piece later today. It is just a ‘standard’ coral fringe necklace in black with the Tourmaline chips on the ends. Very pretty, I must say. There is an elegance about Tourmaline! Everyone seems to love the fringes, so I periodically make them because they are selling for me, so why not right? LOL

I just sold Ocean’s Blue and have to mail that later today as well. I need to make matching earrings to go with it. I should start to do that automatically, but sometimes when I finish a project I just want to start a new one immediately. While I am working on a piece, I am continually thinking about the next one I will do. Sometimes it takes me longer to get everything together and get the colors right in my eyes, than it does to assemble the piece itself.

Anyway, that is today’s agenda. It is foggy here, but it is burning off as I type. Have a great day!


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