Happiness Is: a Straight Needle

I have 2 packages of needles here…..somewhere! Think I can find them? Well of course not! You wouldn’t believe the needle I am using and how may projects I have done with it! We went to Caravan Beads last Friday and Dave says ‘don’t you need needles?’ I said, ‘well ya but I have 2 packages at home I can’t find’ So a week later and I should have just sucked it up and bought the darn things LOL Mission for today: bet you can’t guess!

Dave went ahead and ordered Kumihimo discs for me, one round for round cords and a square disc for flat cords. I am excited to get those! He even ordered it priority and with instructions! Woohoo!

The Tiers of Tourmaline necklace I used SoNo beading thread and let me tell you! It is awesome stuff! It works fabulously for coraling because it doesn’t slide, it stays where it is put. It seems alot stronger than C-Lon, even though I shall continue to use C-Lon as well. The Bead & Wire Shop link in the left column sells it. It is $5.00 a spool for 110 yards. Deb teaches classes at the Bead Fiesta’s and she threw a couple spools (black and red) my way to try and I am very impressed! I don’t think she has it on her website yet, but drop her an email if you are interested!


I started my very first ever bead embroidered cuff bracelet. I just had to have a bunch of blanks for necklaces and bracelets and ordered like one of each ages ago and am just now going to use one of them! LOL It will be in purple and emerald green according to the colors of the dichroic pendant Dave bought for me a while ago. When I am finished I will include the Artist’s name that created the pendant. It’s going to be cool! So off to the couch to work on that! Fog has burned off and I see lots of sunshine, supposed to rain, so we’ll see. 😉 Have a great Friday!


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