No Beading Weekend

I wasn’t able to bead this weekend, but go a lot of things accomplished. Dave and I worked on cleaning our backyard and got about half of it done and that Saturday evening took my son’s bed to him and did a few errands. Yesterday we went to our biggest Maine Fair in Fryeburg. That was fun, but I have found as I have gotten older, rust on the rides doesn’t really appeal to me anymore ;( Matter of fact, it seemed they has less rides than ever before! Seems more like an eating and shopping extravaganza! Tons of Artisans and very good ones, I might add. I can only imagine the cost of a booth at the fair!

I have been working on a Vavara weave that I have loved for a while now. I am making it in #15 seed beads in a dark blue iris and a sparkley shimmery clear/blue. It is looking very elegant, I think. Dave loves it lots! I also have to make more quill earrings today. I have sterling chandeliers for these ones though, so I will be using headpins, which will assemble much much quicker than with needle and thread. So, that’s all the latest news for today. Hope you all have a great week and hopefully I shall have some photos tomorrow for you 😉


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