Nerves Aplenty

Tomorrow evening I teach my first class at The Beadin’ Path! I am so nervous about this, it isn’t funny! Today I need to design and print my class instructions. Dave has to get me some colored ink tonight. I am a printing junkie sometimes. 😉 So it looks like it’s computer day and not beading, at least for a little while!

My son, Brendon [Indie Designs] has started my website. He is such an amazingly creative guy on the computer! My site will be done in mostly Flash but will have html pages that I can update without a headache. Up until now, I have been designing my own site. I am not the best by a long shot!, but at least I can make my way around! Necessity is the mother of invention [or HAVING to learn something LOL] Bren was awarded ‘High Honors’ in his computer Voc Class sometime back in high school. So I can’t even wait to present to you his talent! [Pssst–he is for hire as well! You just have to have patience with Bren, creative skills need lots of creating me though, the end result is WORTH waiting for! Plus he is 21~Oct 9th]

Ok, enough of this text stuff. Here are a few photos, one of my new display that went to Oklahoma with Diane, from The Runaway Cowgirl’s Hideout, and the other is a quick shot of my latest quill earrings. Keep in mind, these were ‘quickie’ photos!


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