I received an email last night from The Beadin’ Path. I guess the overall turnout for registrants for classes is really low this Fall. Mine was so low, I had not one student! So, needless to say, class was canceled, which means next Thursday’s is canceled as well because it was a 2 part class. I am not too upset because I have a very eventful week coming and I was nervous enough about the class, so this works out just peachy. Thank you Fate! 😉

I have some pieces I am working on…of course. So I am hoping to be able to start slamming up some photos here PDQ! I have been trying to take care of some business through emails, which can be time consuming wondering if they ever opened your email or just blew you off LOL As of bedtime last night, all of my inquiries had been answered. Now I have the fun of watching the mailbox ..*big huge grin* I don’t really enjoy the ‘tracking’ I have to do occasionally, it feels uncomfortable to me.

My son has started my website! We even agreed on a font in short order, now that was unusual!! Font is one of the first things to pick out and we never ever agree on it. He likes humble fonts and I like funky fonts, so funky they are hard to read sometimes, so I do have to be careful, but usually there is no middle ground with him. This time we found it on the 3rd thought in my head…WOW!! I was actually surprised because it seems pretty ‘flamboyant’. I asked him why he liked it and he said it was a mild version of The Counting Crows font LOL Hey, whatever works right?! This is the font:

Anyway, you all know I can ramble on and on, so I shall leave you to go bead and get some photos on here. I like to have enough photos so the text doesn’t look so lonely and boring LOL Have a great day!


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