Rainy Days & Mondays

While they get some in a down mood, that doesn’t apply to me LOL Awoke this morning to a steady rain and a busy week ahead. I am working on this project right now.


I have about 3 color combinations ready. My first one is in 2 sister shades of a pale mocha and a frosted powder blue with powder blue matte finish fire polish. I have had a difficult time with the pattern, but I think I figured it out. I love the colors I chose, very unusual and I can’t wait to show all of you! I have seen this done primarily in the red version and one blue version. The design calls for Japanese cylinder beads, but I am using Delicas. I do have a bunch of cylinders, I shall have to try it in that as well. As I have stated before, I love designing my own, but I love doing others work as well! Many talented artists out there! So off to work on this couch on this dreary Monday. We needed the rain anyway, so not that big a deal at all. Have a terrific day!!


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