I’d Rather Be Beading!

I decided to update my website in lieu of my son working on my brand new kick butt website. He said it will be ready close to the end of the month!! I decided I better get it updated a bit, because I am having lots and lots of lookers!! Thank you all!! I am incorporating an idea my son and I had, and where he is doing this in FLASH with html pages I can handle, I didn’t think he would do my html for me, so I shall start some of it now. My son is an amazing computer dude, so I cannot even wait to see what his mind comes up with! I am sure it will be genius…yeah ok I am prejudice LOL You’ll see when I see! So, I am spending a chunk of my day on the computer and I would sooo much rather be beading!! I have the most scrumptious silver lined raspberry and silver netted weave going on with yummy raspberry ab finish Swarovki’s on the tips…mmmmm! It is VERY holiday!!

I am also very excited to go get the new addition to our family tonight! Waiting is killing me! She is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd, black and white. I have no idea what her name is. After that, we walk into one of the big pet stores and get her new goodies/food and my sons want to see her, so we will swing by their home on the way to ours. My daughters are going to freak! My youngest just adores dogs!! HAPPY DANCE!!!

So that is my day today. Hopefully will have a photo of ‘Raspberry Kisses’ tomorrow.


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