Ahhh-Broken Promise

I do apologize, generally I can keep a promise [my bedroom DID get clean though LOL]!! I got distracted on a bead embroidered cuff, ‘Grape Ivy’ and am almost finished, plus I still have to put a clasp on ‘Raspberry Kisses’ and ‘Venus’ bracelet. So just bear with me a moment longer and I will give all of your eyes a few pieces of ‘candy’ LOL

I have lots to do after this cuff because this week, my new friend Robynne sent me quills that are gorgeous and badger, coyoye and porcupine claws. She used to live in Montana and did some jewelry work for a taxidermist and she is no longer using the claws. So Dave and I have some FAB ideas for these!! Also, I received my order from Slendor In The Glass and have some antique horse head cameos to work up. Wish I could have afforded all they had!! They are a tad smaller than I hoped for, but still really cool. I got 2 in black and 3 in brown. Sooooo.. I have tons I have to do, plus train my puppy, plus I have a show coming up for November 3rd with Bead Fiesta. Nothing on my plate huh?! LOL Have a wonderful day and I DO PROMISE some kick butt eye candy tomorrow!


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