More Custom Horsehair ;)

I was asked today by Diane to do some more custom horsehair work for a lady that lost her horse yesterday. That is so sad!! I have been asked to make a necklace, 2 bracelets and a key chain tassel. So I will be getting on that asap. I do have to just put the back on my bead embroidered cuff and the 2 clasps still on my previous work, then photograph and start the horsehair pieces in the morning. So nice too, she even cleaned it for me!! I do appreciate that! The last custom work I did, smelled pretty bad, I ended up washing it, but eww, nasty. It is in gorgeous black too! I haven’t done any black yet. That will be a nice change! Anyway, off the computer and back to work.

Oh yeah, I think I have been indirectly asked to do a display at my local bank. They have a small display case and feature local artisans, so I will keep you posted on that! I also was published in our local paper The Reporter from Waterboro, Maine, but I have to find the article. Some great stuff coming down the pike for me, psyched!!


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