Just When I Have It All Figured Out

It took me just over a week to get a routine down with my new puppy, Zippy. Last night a Co-worker of Dave’s had to let his Jack Russell Terrier go. So Dave came to his rescue. These types of dogs are not my favorite that’s for sure. He is sweet and a year old and named Spike LOL He is also quite bright and knows his commands!! BUT, wow! This is tiring me out already. Zippy is my girl and she knows it. She is protective of me and doesn’t mind if I pat Spike, but there is definitely ownership going on here and she owns me LOL Terriers are extremely high strung, way more than my Aussie!! He’s also a ‘lapdog’, personally I call those types ‘cat-dogs’ LOL I tried to take them both out this morning for a walk, that is not going to happen. We barely got out the door and Zippy was mad! They had a couple small tiffs, so I put Spike on the doggy run and walked Zippy, I felt bad for Spike, but Zippy and I are in a routine already and she knows this was HER morning walk. So I have my work cut out for me..sigh…amongst beading. I am getting things done and I have a slew of photos to take! So Give me a moment to get those to all of you!

Tonight I have the library ‘Meet-N-Greet’ from 6-8pm, where my work is on display for a month. I still need to get going on the horsehair, but need Dave’s help with the braids, once those are done the rest is gravy baby! LOL So I will have him help me tonight on that! It has been hard to pin him down this past week, we have just been unbearably busy! So, that’s all my latest and I will take photos real soon!


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