Bead Trends Magazine Update

Well, to say the least I am pretty darn excited! I wrote Bead Trends to see when my Royalty piece might be coming home from Utah. The Editor wrote me back and it will be on its way home within next few days. YAY! She also added….I am the first piece published in the “ALL DRESSED UP’ section and it is a 2 page spread!! Can you believe it??!! I can’t even!!! I am so excited I can barely wait to get my 2 copies with my work in the mail! Diane said she would like to display it up at her shop where I have my jewelry when I get it back. You know, it takes alot alot for me to be proud of myself, but in this case, I am so proud I could cry!! [Dave too ;)]

This week, I am supposed to be teaching at The Beadin’ Path. I haven’t heard otherwise so for now, it is on. Then, Halloween and then this Saturday is my last Bead Fiesta for this year. It is going to be a good one too, I can’t wait! So I will be beading my fingers to the bones this week LOL I have 2 crystals all bezeled up. I was going to put them on the same piece, but I may change my mind and make 2 different pieces, but they are both in sapphire and sparkling silver. One of them was a square crystal…let me tell you, figuring out how to bezel in a square was a 3 time rip out and start over piece! The end result though is marvy!

Tonight Dave and I are going to finish hanging Halloweeny stuff…way cool…..


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