First Class at The Beadin’ Path

About 1PM yesterday afternoon, I hunker down at my computer to start putting a tutorial together for my first class at The Beadin’ Path [yeah, how much of a procrastinator do you think I am?!]. 2:30 I call Dave to remind him to get home on time, because it takes just over an hour to get to Freeport from Limerick, plus I wanted to get there early enough maybe to buy something and help the students pick out their beads. He was already on his way to the shop to get our car, so that was awesome. I asked him to stop and grab us a celebratory drink[aka Mocha Coolata at DD]. No problem. 3PM I Get in the tub, we have to leave by 4:30 at the latest. Dave walks in the door, drinks in hand, about 4:15. Now I knew he wanted a bath before we left, so at that point I am kind of panicky, add to that we replaced the ink cartridge in the printer the night before and naturally it wouldn’t work to print up my 2 page tutorial! So he quickly fixed the printer and I started my 24 page printouts. Slllloooooooow printer. Dave stood there talking to me and all I could think is, can’t you wash while you talk…the clock is tiiiiiccccckkkkking. I barely heard a word he said. 4:45 and we are starting to head out the door, dogs out to potty real quick and still waiting on the printer!!!! I couldn’t wait anymore, figuring too that I wouldn’t probably have more than a few students anyway, so I would be more than safe with the 5 copies of page number 2. So we finally! leave the house, dogs stay and out the door we go. Chain smoking all the way there, nervous a bit, not too bad. Talking and watching the clock. It is 5:54 and we are only in Yarmouth. OMG!!!! I am NOT a late person, so my anxiety was a bit high, not over teaching the class, but of being late! [which I suppose worked out to be a nice/ironic distraction]. We pull in at 5:59…well I guess I can forget about shopping and they were kind of panicking as well and just getting ready to call me!! Kind of embarrassing! They said your students are all over there waiting for you….I walk over and the 2 tables butted up against each other are almost full! I have 8 students!!!!!!!!! I have taught, yes with Bead Fiesta, but I have ever had more than 2 students…so I was like holy moly!!!! They were all very nice and it was great fun! I am telling you this is NOT work! Socializing and teaching something you love is NOT work! I also learned that people have many different ways and styles of learning, which I knew already, but it seems like there are more ‘styles’ these days LOL They weren’t the only ones that learned anything last night! I am going to also make my tutorials different. I figured out a way to make it even easier to figure out through feedback from my ‘students’, especially if you are a beginning beader, which 7 out of the 8 was.

I had a blast though and everyone was super nice! I hope they send me photos of their new pieces, I really would like to put them on my website!

Speaking of website, mine is a train wreck! I am patiently/impatiently waiting for my son to get going on this. He supposedly has it in progress, but I haven’t seen anything yet! As soon as the show this weekend is over, I am going to give it a serious update! I have plans to make it better and easier for me to update than the way it is right now. So please bear with me!

For today~

1] pick up all the beads my dogs dumped and chewed[tubes] last night when I left them home…did I say I was going to start crating them?! *EG*

2] work on a bracelet with a bezel-ed crystal in the front, I have going

3] carve one of 2 huge pumpkins we got last night. [I will take a pic!]

4]take a pic of a new piece of work [the bezel-ed rectangular crystal]

Cool Halloween info from back in the day!



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