Post Springfield

I have so much to tell you all! Springfield wasn’t my best show [$$] for sure, but it is great exposure just the same! I did teach a class too and that is always fun…even more fun, because she already knew how to bead, which is always helpful!! I ran into my buddies that I like so much at the Bead Fiesta..Jane from Knitting Corner & Beadery in RI, Carolyn (traded ‘Retro’ for leather she will be mailing me..check out Greco Leathers in my links column!), Bev from MacArts ( in links), showed Rhonda from Creative Connection Art Glass what I did with her cabochon (Grape Ivy), traded also with Natalie from Lake Quinsigamond Pottery (quill earrings for 3 pendants!!) and bought some gorgeous fused glass cabs from Torch Songs Glass Works (check links column). I really hope I didn’t forget anyone on this quick list. 😉 I get to ‘work’, if you want to call it that, with the most awesome people! Dave and I ALWAYS have fun when we go, even if we don’t make barely enough money to cover gas!! LOL

Today’s class for The Beadin’ Path was canceled. Oh well, my printer is out anyway and it is rainy and drizzly and I don’t want to leave home, which is totally fine, because I have 3 custom orders to get out this week and clean my house and get ready for the holidays.

This weekend, our tiny village is having the annual ‘Snowflake Trail’ Just a shopping thing for the town and a bit of advertising. That runs from Friday to Sunday here in Limerick. I have to get all my jewelry to Diane’s and put all her price tags on it and retake oodles of pictures so I can get my website updated, which I started yesterday, but haven’t published yet. I am taking pics of my work flat and displayed so people can see the piece in its entirety. I think that may help sales a bit, from now on I will take both pics at the same time to keep the consistency going. I am a rambling fool today! I think I am going to stay up late tonight…buy another 2 liter of Dr. Pepper and get stuff done LOL

I also just found out my dragon pumpkin was featured in a news article in DeviantArt LOL How cool is that??!! It is in the October section:

Hope everyone is warmer and drier than we are! Brrr….winter is coming!


One thought on “Post Springfield

  1. Looks like I’ll be staying up late with you ;). I can get SO much done at night…
    oh, I have about half that necklace done, it’s coming out great! I want one for me 🙂

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