YAY!! Not that it really matters, because I work everyday on something, so they all kind of end up blending together. Well, as of last night Spike is gone. He went to a home where they will let him sleep on the bed and they already had a sweater for him, so I am sure he will be much happier..oh and a Beagle playmate. Already my Zippy seems happier, but she will have no one to antagonize now LOL

I have been working all week on getting everything up to Diane’s for the Snowflake Trail. I retook piles of photos which I am now processing through my Paint Shop Pro program. I will then put them on my website and redo that a bit, but it will a complete update with everything I have available for sale on it. So I am very excited about that!! Not sure what my son, Bren, is up to with his remake of my site in Flash.

Also this week, I have done all the braiding of the horsehair and now just have to do the beadwork. She will be picking it up on Monday or shortly thereafter, this coming week. I am anxious to show you the pics of the braids!!! I think they are very very cool! I shall let you be the judge though!

I am working on another diagonal peyote! I feel like I have tons of them, but I only have 2! This one is going to be called ‘Icicles’ It is all clear iridescent Delicas with 15 iridescent whites and the ‘icicles’ are 2 sizes of clear iridescent bugle beads, the long one with a twist and some rainbow clear aqua [15’s] and pearl gray accents [15’s], with 3 & 4MM fire polish clear AB finish…..plenty of sparkly glitz on this. Then I have some fused glass and some of my face cabochons I want to work up! AND get my loom piece going as well! Brass hex and tomato red on the loomed piece. I will take some pics of that one when I get going on it again! I have a gorgeous matrix cab to go in the center of the loomed piece. So much to do….


(Wanna know a secret??…this thrills me to the bone!! Dave and I talked last night about me going back to H & R Block this winter. He said he doesn’t want me to go back, because it ends up costing him wages. He often worked later than I did and would leave his job to come get me because he felt guilty for me just sitting there for hours waiting. [we only have one car]. So do you all know what this means??!! I get to keep business going without going into winter hibernation!!!! *HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DANCE* )


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