Holy Cannoli

I say Holy Cannoli, yet I have never had one LOL Maybe some day..


Well, this 2nd day of the Snowflake Trail, has proven to be fun, interesting and profitable!! Diane kept calling me today because her shop was so busy and she wanted to make sure there were more eyes than hers around..if ya know what I mean. So I kept running up and giving her an extra set LOL She gave me the most gorgeous pair of earrings for my birthday too, amethyst and opal set in sterling. GORGEOUS!! I should take a pic! I made a double batch of THE most awesome banana bread and was going to take one to the shop. I came home and sweet Dave had taken it out of the oven too early and alas, it collapsed on being turned out..both of them and still a bit gooey in the center. He was very upset about this!! Let me tell you though, this recipe was the most outstanding I have ever had!! Keep reading and I will give you the link for it! So we have been eating the cooked parts, still yummy I say! Zippy loved the difference on the plate, little bugger stood against the counter and ate the gooey center!! Oh well LOL As the day unfolded, I sold what some would consider alot of jewelry!! I am so excited!! Room for more, always! LOL I am on Cloud 9 about the sales! I also met some very nice women! *Waving hello* to the nice ladies I met from Indiana!! Leave me a comment here if you read this 😉 Tonight I adapted my thought process into reality! I made a Kumihimo braided key chain with a beaded bead on top. They look marvy!! Gotta keep them simple though so they will sell at a reasonable cost. I am pretty pleased with myself for these ones.


Dave, my babydoll, covered all the windows [except the new ones of course] today with plastic stuff to keep the cold air OUT!! I will be glad when we have all new windows, but renovations take time money and a refi or two LOL Thankfully, as my beadwork shows, I have oodles of patience! Dave says I am an extremely mental [in a good way] person and I honestly think the house is already warmer!! I think too much LOL


Well, my website is coming along, slow but sure, and now I have to pull some pieces before I even get to publish it all new and modified. I suppose that is a good thing though LOL I took pics of about 60 pairs of earrings today! Does anyone realize how long this grueling, leg swelling, butt hurting, seeing grid and pixels permanently before your eyes, process is going to take me??!! AHHH!! BUT…all in the name of progress right? Maybe I shall get to hit the publish button in January…nevermind the end of the week…oh wait, that was like today and/or tomorrow….sighhhhhh


In case any of my local people are reading this, I am offering a class at The Runaway Cowgirl’s Hideout November 24th. $40 materials included~~ 10:30am/1pm “$20. deposit required, oh and it is for the herringbone and crystal rope bracelet.


Starbucks Venti Cafe Mocha didn’t work for me just 4 hours ago, now I yawn and am heading for some ZZZZ’s…good night every buggy!



One thought on “Holy Cannoli

  1. you SHOULD try one, they are yummy!
    and, I’ll have to try that bread one day…when we are settled again 🙂
    and CONGRATS on all the sales, whoo-hoo 🙂

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