All The Fixings

Nope, not for Thanksgiving…to make chocolate lollipops for Diane’s shop. I have everything I need to get some of those going. YAY!! I received my molds in the mail a few days ago. Horse heads..and carousel horses, how does milk chocolate, white chocolate and special dark sound?? This will be fun, I may even make some tonight!

I have been working on the bead embroidery to go to Las Vegas. I have been having a spot of trouble with it, in that I can’t seem to make my eyes happy enough. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, like that has never happened…ha! I think I can, I think I can…just going to have to talk myself through this one LOL

Just got back from trip to A.C. Moore and Michael’s. I bought the lolli sticks and cellophane bags to cover the chocolate with. I also grabbed 3 packages of polymer clay and 3 jars of Pearl Ex..but the best of all was…for Christmas, Pearl Ex has gifted up 12 little 3 oz jars of all their colors, in 2 different color sets for $27. a set. Dave just had to get one of the sets, like we agreed, that color assortment isn’t readily available at the store, so grab some now, good grief it lasts forever!! That is like way way awesome!!! So, I cannot wait to dip back into some clay again!! i wish I was better at it!

Temperature dropped fiercely today!! They said it was going to too, and for once they were right. It is down parka weather now with blustery winds blowing, it wouldn’t be so bad if the wind died down! Oh well, an excuse to snuggle and warm my feet LOL

Looks like Dave and I will probably have a quiet Thanksgiving at home all alone, unless one of my sons doesn’t have to work, then we will go get him. My other son always makes plans in advance and puts in an appearance in the evening after he ate at 3 other homes, so I told him there wouldn’t be any food here this year when he comes. Kind of bums me out that he spreads himself so thin and then I come last. Oh well, what are ya gonna do with 24 year olds? We also decided that we are not going to put up a Christmas tree this year. The first year ever in my life, I have been completely unmotivated to do that! I am not down or upset, just reality stricken LOL

Off to the kitchen, have a great night [or morning, depending when this gets read- I am posting late tonight] 😉


One thought on “All The Fixings

  1. Charming blog! I enjoyed reading all of it. I gave myself one day to get any Christmas decorations up and thats it! Yeaterday was the day.LOVE the Grape Ivy cuff. Your house sounds like mine with the windows, mines 1904 victorian.

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