Good Morning

The day before Thanksgiving. Way too close to Christmas for my taste LOL Last Sunday, I had a class at The Beadin’ Path. I was teaching my diagonal peyote necklace with coraling fringe on it. I had the class separated into 2 classes, because I figured the diagonal peyote would take a bit of learning. I was correct in my assumption, but I think everyone had the gist of it pretty well, so I left them with homework to work on until this Sunday. I haven’t had any emails yet, so that’s a good sign LOL This weekend we will do the fringe and the toggle. I had 6 students, so I am very psyched about that!! Even more exciting was that 2 of the students were repeats!! *happy dance*

This week has been a mish mosh of things going on. I have done a bit of cleaning and then making some chocolate ‘lollipops’ for Diane’s and yesterday I found myself making beaded snowflakes for her little tree in the shop. Today, I will make more snowflakes, take the finished ones up to her, after I photograph them and put them on here of course. I also have to do some cleaning and cooking. I think I will make that outstanding banana bread again, the best gingerbread I have ever had in my life and a pumpkin pie. Dave doesn’t like pumpkin pie actually, so I may have to go the untraditional route and make a cheesecake, maybe even make pumpkin cheesecake LOL Looks like a trip to the grocery store tonight though!! My son, Brendon, is coming after all. He didn’t end up having to work, so I am excited to hang out with him for the day, although Dave does have to go pick him up! Nick will come up later in the afternoon and he will take him home, so that’s cool.

Sooooo, as soon as the sun is up, I will photograph my snowflakes and put them on here!! Talk to you all a little later!!!


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