Time Flies!!

I have been incredibly busy beading and doing Thanksgiving and teaching classes! Thanksgiving was fun and I had my youngest son, Bren over, my other son, Nick came later in the day for dessert. Nice day, mellow and yummy!! LOL

Saturday I taught a class at The Runaway Cowgirl’s Hideout. I brought up coffeecake and coffee and just had the one student, but it was a good time!! Hopefully will acquire more students for the next one, which I have yet to set up. Sunday I taught Part 2 of the diagonal peyote necklace at The Beadin’ Path. I really enjoy teaching there and I have had a few students more than once, which is terrific! I have one more class scheduled up there for this quarter and am hoping to hear back from Heather to set up some more!

I have been working on a piece in square stitch which I started today. It is done in ‘transparent walnut’ and ‘Colorado topaz’. It is quite gorgeous and am thrilled to have this design!! It is a Russian piece and will have fringe on the front as well. I have several Russian pieces lined up to work on soon! This Saturday is our ‘Village Christmas’. They are having a craft fair just a few houses away. I am not involved with that, but my pieces are all at The Cowgirl’s Hideout anyway. I am quite certain she will be very busy that day as well! I believe we even have a parade!

I have about 5 pieces or more to take pics of, so I plan on doing that tomorrow. I am also going to work on my loomed piece that I started on Memorial Day!! YIKES!! I am bad! I was unable to get the embroidered piece done for Las Vegas, but I thought the loomed one would go well in its place. I also have to get on it and finish a piece for Joan of Tazwood Creations. I wish there was more time in a day. Look for pics tomorrow though!


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