I have blue gray eyes and I don’t tend to wear sunglasses because I always ruin them or lose them. We had just over a foot of snow this past Monday and the sun finally came out today, stepping outside after being in my hovel all day hurts my eyes so bad!! I totally cannot even see. I guess I may have to brake down and buy some sunglasses for this winter!!

I figured out how to make the triangles everyone is making and I am super excited. I have gone into another world dreaming and scheming up ideas on what I could do with these!! They are sooo cool and I have a pair of earrings whipped up already in metallic blue and an iridescent gunmetal. Very cute!!

Needless to say, I have bunches of photos to take! I have 5 herringbone and crystal ropes to take to Diane’s as well and about 5 necklaces I need to get clasps on. 3 or 4 are the same, different lengths and colors. I figured I would do some less expensive for the holidays. So that is my day today. Off to eat lunch and get some stuff finished and make more triangles!! Yippee!!


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