Christmas Babies!!

Well, it indeed happened. Our 2 parakeets, Hedwig and Cloud are officially parents. They laid 6 eggs about a month or less ago and tonight the first one was born. Spanning the next few days, the rest should come along. I can’t even believe that we have baby parakeets! We even have a pair of breeding veiled marbled angel fish. We bought them together and they were the size of a dime and we have had them for several years, so they are good size angels in a 55 gallon tank. I am thinking that I am glad our cats are both male LOL I will take pics of our baby birds as soon as the parents move away. This is going to be fun and interesting! May need a bigger cage as well, they don’t seem as fussy or complicated as angel fish to breed!

Edit: December 24th (adding photo, THEY ARE ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS A DIME! Ugly & cute at the same time LOL)

I have 2 days left to work on my daughter, Bianca’s, doll house. It is such a slow moving project! It is looking very very nice though and I will sure be glad to be done this tomorrow night.


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