What Am I Doing?

I am finally working on that bead embroidery I started months ago!! I am super loving it too! I have had to tear out alot, things that just didn’t make my eyes happy! It is 8:45AM and I will post a photo at 12PM and then again at 9PM today. Hopefully I will have made plenty of progress on it by those times! I figure I will be working on it for the next 4 days or so anyway. I have some killer fringe dangles for it too! I have been hoarding them for a year and this is very much the piece they belong on! I was going to incorporate pheasant feathers on this one, but they won’t appeal to the work I have done, maybe next piece. Ok, off to work, going as fast as I can go! It is actually like reading a really fabulous book and you don’t want to put it down…although that is the way with every piece I make, but this is embroidery and it’s a different deal…
EDIT: [NOON]I can’t get the colors as rich as they are in real life. The sun just refuses to come back to Maine, but in the meantime, here is a pic(click on it):

One thought on “What Am I Doing?

  1. FABULOUS!!! You were so right, I’m glad you took the gold off… it looks better already, I cannot wait to see this one done!!!

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