I plan on taking a lot more photos of this, but for now, here it is. If you like it, leave me comment…….. 😉

16 thoughts on “I Present ~~DRAGONHEART

  1. Thanks!! It took me pretty near 3 weeks to do this piece. Probably 10 hour days after all my breaks and dog walks LOL

  2. Christina, as I said on SJA forum, this necklace is one of the most beautiful embroidered piece I ever saw. I make a reverence before your great talent of designer and embroiderer. Wow, my eyes are so happy today.
    Friendly. PaT de Verre

  3. Thank you so much Patfor your kind words!! I am happy you to make your eyes happy!! I hope I may do another as equal as this one in the future!!

  4. WOW

    I actually gasped in stunned amazement when I saw this picture, and I can only imagine what it looks like in person. Wanna send it to me??

    Amazing creation-well done.


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  6. dear goodquillhunting,
    i´m very impressed of this collier! on the one hand it´s symmetric but on the other it expresses a kind of wonderful freeform. i love your green-pink combination with this wonderful clasp.
    best wishes from austria,

  7. Where did you get the basic pattern for the shape of the collar/necklace? I drafted one from a basic blouse pattern but wondered if there was something I was missing available to print online…

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    I just tried to send you a Tweet (first time on Twitter) so if you receive three rambling, weird Tweets, just chalk it up to my inexperience…
    I wanted to say how amazing your DragonHeart is. I’ve been following it’s progress (a little late as it is now September) but I love the way it came together. I’m a beginning bead embroiderer (sp?) at the cuff stage but you sure give me lots of inspiration.
    AArdvaark Bead Designs – Katy TX

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