Back From Bead Fiesta

Yay!! First show is done…10 to go LOL I just love going though! I have so much fun and this year requires a hotel stay EVERY time, except for the show here in Maine in May. I slept so well this weekend and come home and didn’t sleep well, so I am thinking it is probably time for a new mattress!! YIKES!! I saw my bead show friend, Carolyn from Greco Leather (in my link column), she is one terrific lady! She has the most gorgeous leather cording!! I got some this time, I have GRAND plans for it too!!!

On the way home yesterday, I took a detour to Concord, MA and met Theresa Guthrie of Moondance Designs (in Resources in my link column). She was giving away all her magazines, so I made arrangements to go get them, as it was on my way. She is a very nice and very generous lady!! It was great fun to meet her, I could have spoken with her for quite awhile!! I can’t wait to find a moment to go through some of the magazines!!! She sells findings, beads, kits, looms, cabs, C-Lon thread!!! ..go check her out for your supplies!!!!

Dave bought some fantastic goodies and I cannot wait to sit and bead. I have 2 weeks until the next show. Today I have to focus on getting the models done for the Bead Fiesta website to advertise the classes. Then I have to start assembling mad amounts of kits, then figure out a display source for them. I also want to make beaded beads and have lots of paperwork to fill out. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks I think!

Thank you ALL for the very kind words on Dragonheart!!!
I really appreciate it and am thrilled so many people liked it!!

A few photos from the Bead Fiesta!

20080317_2.jpg 20080317_12.jpg20080317_31.jpg20080317_27.jpg20080317_15.jpg20080317_19.jpg20080317_20.jpg20080317_23.jpg


2 thoughts on “Back From Bead Fiesta

  1. Wow! Looks like it was a great show! And, I remember Moondance Designs. They used to do the show in Dedham, and I bought a ton of seed beads there. And, the next year I went, they weren’t there. I haven’t gone to a bead show since, and that was probably over 3 years ago. 😀

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