I am super excited because I will probably hit 10K views tonight. I can’t even believe it!!! I have had this blog since the end of September (and a few other blogs with my website before that…long story if you don’t know LOL). I would really love to know who will be the 10K person to hit this!!

If you are the 10K person, would you please please leave a comment!?!?!

Thank you so much all of you that enjoy my blog!!! HUGS TO YOU ALL!

EDIT: What a bummer no one commented, I was going to give whoever it was something special.


2 thoughts on “10K

  1. I’m not in search of something special – just wanted to say that from here, there’s no obvious hit counter to comment on (I subscribe via RSS, but even clicking through the link to the blog post page on your goodquillhunting site I don’t get a hit counter. To view the counter I need to go back to your blog home page (which isn’t somewhere I land when reading or clicking through a post). So that may be why no-one commented 🙂

    I love your stuff by the way. And your patience has to be astounding – seed beads are no something I can work with for any length of time!

  2. Hi Stephie! Thanks for the info!! Patience is one of my few virtues hehe Thanks for being a subscriber!! That is so awesome!!! HUGS!!

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