New Ideas

I have so many ideas I feel like I am going to burst!! I am working on a piece with my friend Joan’s wooden cabochons. I have the first 4 cabs she ever made and I am finally getting to do this piece. My inspiration comes from Dori Csenger. She uses silk cord though and I will not be.  It is going to be a bead embroidered pendant and I am super excited about it. I am anxious to see the ‘procedure’ pull together. As soon as I have enough done later today, I will post a photo! The color theme is very Native because the cabs are cherry burl wood with turquoise inlay. Very earthy! This will be a piece rich with wood, leather, glass, turquoise and quills. I will have to think of a great name for it, as I work it.  Anyone have any ideas?? Look for a picture before supper 😉
I have lots and lots of other things I want to do. I also have another show in less than 2 weeks in Warwick RI., anyone close by?? I just finished the 2 class models yesterday, now to make the tutorials! I still haven’t started my mask challenge!! YIKES!! Calgon….. hehehe

2 thoughts on “New Ideas

  1. Funny you say!! I had thought of the very same thing! It is also the name of a shop here close by, so I nixed it LOL

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