My Website

I have been again working on my website for  2 days and have hit the publish button LOL It isn’t finished, but got too excited. I will be working on it for another 2 days but you can go look if ya wanna 😉 I am very happy with it…FINALLY!



2 thoughts on “My Website

  1. Looks good so far! 🙂 Also, I read our artist page where you mentioned porcupines in Maine. Just wondering, have you ever seen an animal called a Fisher? I have seen one once in my life here in Mass. They are rare and they’re the only animal that eats porcupines. :0

  2. Thanks!! To answer your question, yes we have fishers here as well, although I don’t think I have even seen one. I haven’t hiked in our woods in many many years LOL

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