Monday, monday…

I am glad this weekend is over! It was a roller coaster of emotions and things to do…glad to have some routine back. I am still waiting to hear if I have good news or not. I have had an offer on the bulk of my work. I am crossing my fingers so bad it isn’t funny! This offer would take care of many many of our immediate issues and our ‘issues’ are pretty big ones! So this money could indeed change my life as I know it!!! If it pans out, trust me, my blog will be the first to know the nitty gritty details LOL If it doesn’t pan out, you may hear about that too LOL

I am still working on my website! I had an amazing idea last night that I am truly loving a lot. My front page shows a hint, if you can find it LOL It looks like today is going to be clear and sunny, so new photos are today!!!! Time to get some uniformity going on!

I have a show this weekend in Warwick, RI!!! Anyone close by…stop in…buy beads…say hi!! Better yet, buy from me LOL I have to finish my site this week, assemble more kits, write and print tutorials. A busy week with no beading!!!

My friend, Bev, from , has a gorgeous bead she wants me to work up. She wants to enter into the Fire Mountain contest, but I am worried she approached me too late, as the contest deadline is April 15th, but thankfully, she wants me to do it anyway. So it is on its way today!! I am so flattered it isn’t funny!!! I have ideas, but seeing a photo and holding the real macoy can conjure up vastly different ideas. I want this to be an amazing piece and as all creative people know, sometimes you just can’t rush the brain to be creative in a moment’s notice. I am going to try really hard though to pull it off!!!! I still haven’t even started my mask….where is the darn time going…..

I shall keep you all posted on my ‘offer’ as soon as I know….cross your fingers for me 😉


4 thoughts on “Monday, monday…

  1. Nothing yet, there is a glitch anyway! I haven’t posted this, but the lady that runs the shop where I sell my work, wants 20% for all my work. It wasn’t even in her shop at that time! I am trying to figure out what to do! Sure puts a bad taste in my mouth about ‘friendship’/’business’. I feel like she is robbing me on possible good fortune. I could understand if my work was there, but it wasn’t, I brought it to the shop when he arrived, as she summoned me with my ‘box’

  2. A finders fee might be in order, but not a percent of all your inventory. I had a similar experience several years ago. Thank God I had a contract that specifically addressed this issue.

    Unfortunately, sometime friendship gets in the way of business and circumstances change. Sometimes flat out greed prevails. However this works out for you, do what is best for your financial situation now and learn from the lesson.

    Good Luck.

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