My Apologies

I apologize I have nothing new in the way of eye candy! I am having to do lots of mundane things in order to further myself and to also get ready for my show this weekend! I have been working very very hard on my website, which is still not finished but getting closer everyday! Yesterday, I took new pictures in flat mode. I also tried something new. I wanted some under lighting of my work. So looking around my house, I knew I needed some glass. There was an old, 2 section window leaning against my dining room wall (can you tell we are in renovation mode? [I haven’t updated in a long time on that link, but that is our home] ) So, I windexed it off and decided to lay it across 2 chairs. My lighting lights are cone shaped that clamp on things. So I found a piece of wood laying around and clamped it to that and stuck it under the chairs and window. Then I put a piece of white paper on the glass. It worked pretty well, but I would rather have had a piece of white very thin fabric. Sometimes it irritates me that I am always having to ‘jimmy rig’ things. I take ‘resourceful’ to a whole new level LOL

Yesterday, the procrastinator in me pushed me to make my tutorials, 4 days early!!! I am super happy those are done, so now I won’t be printing at 3am on Saturday as I head out the door LOL Today, I have have have to clean my beading areas!!!! Start organizing kits and assembling, cut out my business cards. Usually I do that while I am in the car on the way to a show. LOL Take more photos, on the displays this time around and put new price tags on my work and design one too. I do have to work on the ‘fronts’ of my kits. So more designing and printing there as well. I am hoping to squeeze in some time to work on my website too…can’t stop now LOL

I just want this all over with so I can bead! Bev’s lampwork bead should be here today as well! MORE inspiration. I have lots of huge projects to do and in process too. So just keep checking back. I did take some photos of work yesterday that I have never posted. So I may very well post some pics of work I have done and not put up anywhere. Nothing major, just earrings and bracelets.

Happy Wednesday!!

EDIT: 9:30am Kit Covers all done/printed

12:25pm  250 Business Cards all cut and ready for handout LOL


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