Honing In

Almost done getting ready for the show. Lots of things I won’t have to do for next show in May. I have cut all my business cards (only went through just over a batch last year, but I think I will need another batch this year), I have carded up all my earrings and changed display for those, I have put brand new kick butt price tags on all my work (if my work goes back to Diane’s, I am going to ask her to either leave them on, or I can’t display them there anymore, perhaps that is cutting my nose to spite my face, but that is very tedious and expensive to keep changing them and I am the one that changes them back and forth and I really have better things to do and so does she), I am trying to make the car pack easier too. This year we also have to include pillows and change of clothes and drop a dog off at the babysitters for the weekend. So a better pack is a tad more roomy. LOL Thankfully, she is not shedding or dirty (we bath her a couple times a month or so), cause she rides on my lap to the sitters house 😉 I am feeling alot more organized and ahead of the game then usual. I am usually having to cut business cards on the way to the show, for the show. re-tagging things in the one hour (if we are that early) while we set up and making kits AFTER I get settled with the above. Lends to some craziness and panic! I have even made a Bead Fiesta Checklist, so as we are walking out the door, we don’t have to turn around or get half way there and forgot a toothbrush LOL  I am sure you can ALL relate to this stuff 😉 I am slowly assembling things and setting them by the door ready to go, what a great feeling, that is usually the late late evening before!! After I get the bulk done, I am going to sit down and finish assembling kits, after I do one of each and get my counts/measures down, the rest will be easy. I have one out of five completely finished.  A nice quiet afternoon/evening project I do not have to run to the store tonight either! Yippee! I have to have Dave pick up just a couple things and that’s it, nothing major at all!

Ok—can you believe we are having a snowstorm??? 3-6 and I think we already got it!!!! Well better today than in the morning when we are leaving like it did 2 weeks ago when we spun (did almost complete circles in  middle of unplowed road!) down the first hill!! that was fun!! NOT!!! Holding the dog on my lap without my seatbelt on!!! I have a tendency to drive poor Dave nuts and grab the dash when I get nervous (like when he is tailgating or driving through Mass, Conn, or pretty much any state out of Maine or NH ) …I think he has to worry more when I say nothing at all and HE is nervous! LOLOL

Enough chitter chatter….gotta keep my nose to the grindstone. Want to know the history of that saying? Click here:


I love fun stuff like that! Have a wonderful weekend everyone..I hope the flowers are coming up, birds are chirping and it is Spring somewhere in this world 😉


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