Post Warwick To-Do List

  • Finish my website
  • Design more tutorials
  • Assemble many more kits
  • Place order for stuff for kits
  • 2 days worth of making quills earrings
  • Find receipts I have misplaced for my taxes and get that done
  • 2 more classes for Bead Fiesta I need to make the models/tutes/kits for
  • Enter ‘Dragonheart’ into Bead Dreams contest
  • Find time to bead!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Other mundane stuff woven into this know dishes/laundry/etc..eww
  • Find ways of avoiding the above!!
  • Rework my displays, they are looking like the Ruins in Rome!!
  • and a day or 2 making faces, polymer that is LOL
This is all stuff that comes to mind right at the moment! I KNOW there is much more fun stuff on this list! LOL
OK, I bought like all kinds of fun stuff, ok Dave did but same difference LOL He bought me some dyed stones, Druzy!! We also got a set of Raku, 4 pieces with frogs on them, they are soooo cool, I cannot wait to work them up! Chile peppers! I got a whole bunch of them and again, can’t wait to work them up LOL Something different, this one will be fun! My new vendor friend (*Waving hello to her because she reads my blog*) Anne of Anne-Made Designs (let me know Anne when your website is up so I can link you!) gave me some goodies and I bought some goodies from her too! She makes some beautiful cane glass pieces! Here are a couple photos of the ‘scores’ I made. 😉
This is a photo of the awesome lampwork bead Bev of MacArts has given me the honor of designing up.
So as you can see I have some things to do!!!! Off to work……………… (website today)
EDIT:would Shelley H that bought my kits in Rhode Island please get ahold of me. Email me here: 
Thank You!! 

One thought on “Post Warwick To-Do List

  1. Glad you had a good time at the show! The bead embroidery workshop sounds interesting! And looks like we both make to-do lists. Good luck accomplishing yours! Also, please stop by to check out the trolley I’m workin on. Lata! 🙂

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