Thank you Warwick, Rhode Island!!!

I had a blast at Warwick this weekend and I would like to thank all the wonderful vendors and customers that made me feel like a celebrity!! I made a few dollars and spent much LOL I taught one class out of four, unfortunately. I love to teach and I have to wonder what all everyone would love for a class. If you would like to indulge me with a comment to answer that I would sure love it! I am considering a bead embroidery workshop for one of the 3 days at the Marlborough Mass show. I am so happy so many of you read this blog!! Vendors AND customers! WOW!!!

I have tons to do from now to the next show, this month is going to go amazingly fast!!!!!! I was making my list on the way home in my notebook of to-do’s it gets longer in between each show and am wondering when the beading is going to come in LOL I will make my list tomorrow in here, just so I can see how much of it I can finish in a month. My brain is so full of ideas, I can barely stand it!! I will detail some of that tomorrow too.
It is 9:15pm now, we made it home in like record time..3 hours!!! (80 all the way and no snow on the roads when we got home..matter of fact it looked like mega-melt happened in 2 days!) I don’t want to go to sleep. We bought a few really cool things and I just want to work, but alas the sheets need to be changed and the mattress flipped (this is surely no Sheraton hehe) My dog went into heat starting today at my friends who were watching her for us this weekend(how embarrassing LOL) How do I tell her she cannot get on our bed to kiss us good night and have a few moments of snuggle before we tell her ‘down’? awww. I feel bad 😦 My baby is growin’ up..

Off to make the bed then climb in, I shall write more tomorrow, but wanted to make sure I thank you all sooooo much!! Big huge hugs round to you all!


Next stop–

May 3 & 4, 2008
North Haven, CT



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