Another Bead Fiesta Class

 1st) Would Shelley H that bought my kits in Rhode Island please get ahold of me. Email me here:
Thank You!!
Good morning all my cheerful beady readers!!! I had to be concerned when I awoke this morning and saw very thick fog!! We watched Stephen King’s new flick last night ‘The Mist’, so ironically I had to look around before I walked out the door LOL If you like Stephen King, it naturally has to go on the ‘watch’ list!!!!! The ending will leave you speechless!!!
While I was watching the movie I was also finishing up another class ‘prototype’. I had made one before, but it has sold, so I think I will have to make many more of these! This appeals to the ‘crow’ in all you women, and yes, some men LOL This is the class, but I am also going to make this into a bangle, available for sale and in kits, in different colors, of course. It is laden heavily with Swarovski Crystals!! 55 alone in my size. I hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “Another Bead Fiesta Class

  1. Hi Deb! Thanks! I will be putting kits for sale on my website as soon as I can, within the month I am hoping! 😉 I will announce it when I do.

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