Another Class/Kit

This took me days, just one of those things I suppose. I was going to make this into a necklace, but my impatience grew. As easy as this is, it is a real time consumer! It is done in #15’s too, so progress always appears slow with that size bead. (I had piles of interruptions as well) …in any case, here is ‘TWISTED”

I also can’t resist a moment of my day, when I was beading and yelled to Dave ‘Get the camera quick’, if I had moved Zippy would have as well. This is what I was looking at while I finished ‘Twisted’….


2 thoughts on “Another Class/Kit

  1. Christina, You should post Twisted on myspace and add Carrie Underwoods song Twisted… Looks great… Like the doggie pic too…

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