Loss For Words

Me? Loss for words? haha kinda, but not really.  Last night as I was heading for bed, Dave informed me that I had a new guestbook entry. So I went into my Yahoo website ‘Control Panel’ and was amazed to see a pile and a half of website hits on one day.  The guestbook entry referred to a ‘Suzanne’ as having been the referrer. I went to bed all excited and lay there thinking, what Suzanne was this, and all I could think was Suzanne Cooper that would possibly have that many people in her newsletter. Then I poo-pooed the idea. This morning I went to her website and sure enough, her newsletter was referring ‘Dragonheart’! I wanted to wake Dave  up and tell him, but Alfalfa had woken me up because he was hungry at 4:14AM!!!! So I knew Dave’s one day to sleep in wasn’t the best time to wake him hehe Needless to say…I am very honored and flattered, so if you are reading this Suzanne, thank you!!!!!!


I am basically done my last model for one of my Bead Fiesta classes for North Haven Conn. As soon as the sun rises I will take and post a photo. My blog is looking like I do nothing but write in it, when I was so esteemed not long ago, to only have photos of new work in it. LOL I am going to start my Beadin Path mask today as well.

My friend Jo’ on Deviant Art, made the most amazing artwork for me!!!! You all have to go check this out!!! I am soo excited to get this piece and hold it and hang it, no one even knows! he is a terrific Artisan and I am just loving his tribal copper work!!! If you belong to dA, leave him a comment!!!


Dave brought home the most gorgeous carpet for our dining room yesterday.  (pays to work in the flooring biz LOL) It is a bound edge carpet, but the cool part is, it matches our paint(Venetian Plaster, done by us) perfectly!! It is so beyond perfect, it isn’t funny!! After we lay it down, I will take photos. You have to remember though, our home is under construction/renovation, so in the photo you will see primer on the windows (haven’t picked out trim color yet), no curtains, trim separating our ceiling and walls isn’t in yet, so just keep that in mind.

PS-I entered ‘Dragonheart’ & ‘Ethereal’ in the Bead Dreams contest…..everything is crossed!!


3 thoughts on “Loss For Words

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. I saw Dragonheart was linked in Suzanne’s newsletter. Gosh, I thought you would know beforehand, or I would have dropped you a note. I need to think outside the box more! I’m telling you, you “arrived” a long time ago.

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