2 days in a row I have gotten up in the 2AM, that is very old already! I am still working on a section of the mask and was hoping to make much more progress than I have. I can’t take a pic until it is adhered to the mask itself, so just hang on I will be able to soon. Working in the 15’s just takes extra long. I also tend to ‘underestimate’, VASTLY, the amount of time it will take me to do a portion of bead embroidery. I always think, ‘oh yeah, I will be done that in half an hour’, then 3 hours later I finish!! Evidently, I still continue to think in that manner, despite proven wrongs LOL

I did add some blogs to the list on the left ‘Bead Blogs Around the World’. There is an abundance, so it will be done over time. You can always go to ‘DELISH’ to see some too, the link on the left to my del.icio.us account. I just love looking at the blogs, just wish I could read the languages! Sad how Americans aren’t taught much in the way of languages, but everyone across the ocean can speak English, as well as their own. I did take 5 years of French in high school and college, but I never learned to speak it, just read it and write it, but it has gone unused, so I basically know nothing anymore. Canadian French and Parisian French are very very different, so even living here on the Canadian border, everything I learned was not in the Canadian dialect. My Stepdad speaks Russian, French and English, my Dad speaks Spanish, Finnish and English, my Stepmom speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and English. I believe I got those correctly…and all I can do is speak Mainglish (English with Mainah dialect), as Dave the OKie says. LOL

Off to the table to bead..wishing I was in better shape to bead on the comfy couch. I say better shape meaning I wish my couch was cleaned off from all my projects LOL I may have to do some of that today…


2 thoughts on “2AM

  1. wow, I am slow, I just realized you will be in North Haven. Been a long time since I’ve been there 🙂 I really hope that your classes go wonderfully!!!!!!!!!!

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