Mask Challenge

I am still working very hard on the first section of the challenge! I had an epiphany this morning and had to tear out a little bit, but it has already been replaced. Awake at 3:22AM instead of 2AM..yay! My brain is so bogged down right now, that when I took a bath yesterday, I grabbed a handful of soap to wash my hair. Started to lather and it wouldn’t lather, I was thinking hair isn’t THAT dirty…nope it wasn’t…I had grabbed the Pomogranite/Mango Softsoap…NICE! I don’t think I have done that my entire life..and I wonder why I am not sleeping well!

The mask is going to be pretty cool I think, even though it wasn’t my original idea (which I still will do down the road and have 4 others in my future too, but not gonna tell you what those are hehehe) . Working in the 15’s and in the style I am doing it, it looks like it is painted. I am pretty pleased with the result! I can’t wait to show you all a glimpse!! It is looking like today too! Not gonna promise, just in case.

Tomorrow morning I will be gone at sun up for about 1/2 a day.  Dave has to work late tomorrow night, our usual evening out, so I will have some bonus time with the mask LOL…ok gotta run, just wanted to let ya know a tidbit or 2.


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