Much To My Dismay

I found out yesterday, completely by accident, that there is a Yahoo Group for The Beadin Path for the mask that was started back in January. I had offered to start a blog so everyone who had a mask could be a ‘user’ and put progress photos in as they wished, like the Bead Journal Project. The shop said they were going to do something, so I backed off. I was very bummed to find out that they had extended the deadline. I was bummed because if I had not run across this group by accident, then in a few days I would have been driving to Freeport to deliver mine and Robynne’s! Never mind I wouldn’t have slept from now til then scurrying to finish mine. I am very disappointed about this because they should have emailed everyone to let them know! Am I wrong here? OR at least post in dead center on their website. I feel bad for Robynne cause she spent $45.00 to get it to me on time!!! Plus she would have liked to have had a few extra minutes to work on it. Did I tell you I got it yesterday?? OMG!! She did a fantastic job for her first embroidery!! It is very beautiful to say the least!!

I decided to weave a spiral last night. Robynne had started a single spiral and I put my mask down to work up a weave, plus I have a show next weekend, so wanted at least one new thing on my table. I decided to try the triple spiral. i used some beads Robynne sent me. It is going to look like a sherbert twist!! I may only make a bracelet though, we’ll see how it goes. I have tons to do this week for my show. Barely could I get to sleep thinking of all the stiff I forgot I needed to do…for one..I have to redo my displays! Talk about forgetting a BIG one LOL I’ll be back on later with a photo of some sort LOL


2 thoughts on “Much To My Dismay

  1. Oh dear, you’re not wrong to have wanted the respect of the competition/store and be notified of any changes. Sheesh. I’m working with a local gal to get a beadworking group together, we started via Meetup, then our organizer flaked out on us. No one wants to pay the fees to become organizer, so during the next 15 days we’re posting notices about becoming a Yahoo! group and needing everyone to join there. Why? Respect for those who had expressed an interest. Oh well, thank goodness you looked, heh? Can’t wait to see the finished mask, it looks beautiful so far – I love how you gave it a smile!

  2. Hi Charlene!! Thanks for your comments!! I thought about doing a Meetup too, but will have to wait on that. Wish I was in your area, you KNOW I would be all over that!! LOL Respect is key I think in everything and it is not given or recognized by many.

    (Secret–the mask is going to be a jester, I am super excited about it!!)

    and Thank You sooo much for linking me to your blog! I am so flattered to be on your inspiration list!! ESPECIALLY with so many good beaders out there and your list is so short LOL HUGS!!!

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