Dreams & To-Do’s

Last night I had a dream that I received all the packages (I am expecting in real life) and of course in dreams there are always more than in reality. In my dream there were huge snowbanks, I forgot they were outside and when I woke (in my dream), it had snowed and there was a gazillion packages all over the yard from the snow plow! Paper half torn off and everything LOL I wonder if this dream interpreted means I will get them today!

I was gone ALL day yesterday. Of course I took beading with me, what kind of beader do you think I am??!! LOL I will have a couple photos later today from yesterday’s efforts. I got home and was excited to see my emails and all the networking stuff I do. I opened my email and there was an inquiry to custom horsehair work. YAY!!! So I am waiting to hear back about that! I also had an email from Mona. I am being interviewed for an online radio show. It will be on Mother’s Day at 4PM (EST). I will post the link as the day approaches. If any of you ‘call in’ to talk to me and I Know you…you better not get me laughing. I probably wouldn’t stop. I love this idea and there will be a video feed of my work during the interview as well, which will be online permanently hehe The only thing I don’t really care for about this is that I don’t like my voice on things like this. I tend to have a tad deep voice and I always sound like a monotone drone LOL (NO comments back on here ’bout that!! You all know who you are!!)


Next 2 days:

Make 2 tutorials, print everything, assemble kits like crazy, make a batch of polymer faces, bead as much as possible, fix up some of my displays, gather everything and set it by the door to go.

Post show:

Take a pile of photos of my work for Mona’s online interview with me, spend a few days on horsehair work for my website, assemble more kits, make a display for Robynne and mail it, make sure I have what I need made for a model for the classes at the next show (which happens to be here in Maine WOOHOO!), work on and hopefully finish my mask, batch of quill earrings (desperately), bead as much as possible!

That’s all I have SO FAR!! I will post some pics later today!


One thought on “Dreams & To-Do’s

  1. See, this whole post is about that dream..your worried about how much you have to do and getting it all done.

    signed, your dream interpretor.

    O, yeah, I can’t wait to call!

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