New Faces

Good morning everyone! I made some new faces yesterday. I am going to go package them in a moment, but thought I would share before they get put in their bags. I enjoy making these and I tend to sell them as well, which is way cool. They aren’t all the fancy polymer canes or anything, just cool little cabs for fun. Dave took the camera yesterday right AFTER I made my post about taking some pics LOL So I will photograph the earrings here in a little bit, that I made in the car the other day. This weekend I am buying from Bead Biz a 2 part 6′ black grid section for my kits display. I am pretty darn excited about that!!! I will have all kinds of room to hang them up and this is awesome!! Especially where I am ‘expanding’ hehe I really like ‘nontraditional’ displays, as you can tell from my vendor tables, but this is the most efficient for me right now! woohoo! Anyway, here are my faces:

Things I have made with them:


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