Kits & THE Mask

Good morning!! I need a break from doing my website! I have it closer than ever to being complete! I am soo happy about that! I added kits yesterday, although I have alot to do in that regard! The images are up though and there are tons more coming down the pike LOL I have about 10 more in my head that need to get worked on. All in due time!

For today, I really need to work on my mask! The deadline is nearing far too fast, even though I have had it since last October. It was one of those things that you have to look at for a while, while you work on other projects and ponder ideas. One eventually comes to mind, but sometimes too close to a deadline, as happened here for me. I am almost done a section on the left side, so be looking for a photo later today!

I just was taking a beading break and had a great idea for my displays, or shall I say a modification of a previous idea, so I also have to get to work on that today as well. The next show is here in Maine, not this weekend, but next, so I am out to impress my home sate LOL By then, Dave and I will have completely redesigned the table and my work! So excited! We are going to do a home ‘test’ so I will have a pic of that late next week!

My beady friends and I got on Public Chat yesterday and had a blast talking, or rather typing!! Thank you Carol, Robynne and Deb (all MySpace friends hehe). They will all be getting microphones soon, so we can bead and talk at the same time, instead of typing LOL Way too cool!!! Talking about regular life stuff and beading. A regular stitch and bitch online (Alaska, California, Indiana and Maine! How cool it that??!!) LOL I am thinking video streaming could be very beneficial in this as well!

Off to bead and check back later for pic!


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