Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a most wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! My oldest son came to see me Friday, because he had to work on Sunday. He and his girlfriend, Jill, brought me flowers to plant in my yard, so he planted for me too! Here is a nice little spot in my yard: (Now to finish ‘spring cleaning’ the yard!!)

My youngest son is getting me a gift certificate for some bead stock. My youngest daughter made me a card in school and my only teenager asked me to make her a My Space background LOL

The end of the day was followed with my Online Interview. It was fun and the mulitmedia was very cool! There are webcams, mics, call ins, images, text chat and video. The concept is brilliant! I had a blast and the host Mona was a lot of fun and a terrific host! You should all register at to watch this show every Sunday! She features a jewelry designer every Sunday. Thank you again Mona if you are reading!! Also thank you to all the listeners! (Hi Carol!!)

Today I am working on my mask some more. I am almost finished the nose/mouth area. I will be working on the chin next and that will be happening later today. I have gotten so many new ideas to incorporate while working on this. I am so excited to get the mask layer on so I can work on the embellishments!!

Have a wonderful day!!

EDIT: I just read my horoscope LOL Irony..

Monday, May 12th, 2008 — If you are naturally creative, this can be a wonderful time to channel your inner artist, for your work can express your deepest feelings. But you must take the initiative to do something with your talent or knowledge. Seek meaning by connecting personal experiences with larger patterns in your life. What others see as your luck may really be a result of how well you can understand the big picture.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Chris. Yesterday was an interesting experience. I am always amazed at technology that may not be new, but is new two me. Following you around the internet has been a glorious experience. You have opened new doors to me and I am forever grateful. Never dreamed I would have my own blog! You did yourself proud yesterday and Mona’s presentation of your jewelry was very professional and elegant. ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!

  2. So lonely this morning… ooops!!! Bud came home and I forgot to post links!!! I love your little garden and so happy you had a good Momma Day!!! Okay, going to post links now… WHERE ARE YOUR MASK PICS??? I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

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