Maine Bead Fiesta

Good morning, I wanted this post to be up last night, but evidently I picked up a dastardly sinus cold!! So I am not up to par for sure LOL

I had the most fun of any show this weekend! Saturday was a whirlwind of activity!! First thing in the morning, I was introduced to Trudy. Her and eight more wonderful women were here in Maine on a Bead Retreat, coming all the way from the Lake Champlain area of New York State. They were great fun to talk to and it was really nice to have seed beads in common! Most of them bought my Ice Bracelet Kit and a few others bought Shockwave Kits. They were going to do them that night and I was able to get a couple pictures when they returned yesterday. I ended up with one out of two. I had a blast with them and would like to thank them all so much for starting and ending my weekend so well!! Thank you all ladies!! I hope to hear from you all! ( I know some I will for sure)

And Trudy asked for a photo of the 2 of us. I do not like my pic taken anymore, so here it is LOL

Many of you have asked to see my table. I haven’t posted a pic before because I think it looks pretty nice, butthen you take the photo and suddenly it doesn’t look so great. Photos cannot lie LOL This weekend, I was able to add some new elements and now I really like/love my table so here is a pic for those of you who have asked.

I wanted to also get more personal photos of the friends I have at the show and got a pic of them with their tables! These are not all the vendors, but a select few, that I have gotten to know a bit. Here you go:

This is Carolyn of Greco Leather:

This is Natalie of Lake Quinsigamond Pottery:

This is Sandy of Basically Beads:

These are the ladies of Bead Biz:

This is Macarts:

and last, better never least, is Shirley (Promoter) and Mau (Invaluable to Everyone):

This is NOT work! This is hanging out with really cool people, doing what you love to do and hopefully making some money doing it! Who could ask for more?!

I also had the great fun of meeting 2 ladies from Starving Jewelry Artists Forum!

Moonlight Creations and NH Bead Addict!! That was a surprise and completely unexpected! It was a pleasure to meet you both!!

I also saw a student of mine from The Beadin’ Path. Connie!! HI Connie!!! She was the only student to send me a pic when she finished her necklace. You can see her piece here. It was great to see you Connie! Stay in touch!

I was also very surprised to see Caitlin from Caravan Beads!! She bought a pair of earrings and ordered some more from me. Thanks so much Caitlin and it was great to see you outside of Caravan! I am sure I will see you real soon too!

I taught Sandy’s 8 year old daughter Georgia how to make a pair of fringed earrings, we are not done yet, but I will get a pic of that when we are done!

I think I have more to say, but honestly I am not feeling very well at all and I think I will go lay down again. I do not foresee any mask photos today as I had hoped! 😦 Thank you all again for the wonderful weekend! Next stop is White Plains, NY!! (PS_ I think there may be another show in Maine, hopefully the end of September, I am working on it! hehe)


4 thoughts on “Maine Bead Fiesta

  1. Christina, I enjoyed this post SO much. Its nice to see some of your show friends. It would be fun to spend 2 days talking beads with beady people. You table looks great. Everything is very visible and well arranged. The new display looks great.

  2. Carol you always bead lol beat me to the punchline… Christina I would love to see that table in Pasadena… Very great job on the displays…


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