New Work Coming

Hey Everyone! I have a few new pieces done, waiting for a sunnier sky. I think we are getting one tomorrow and with it will finally come some shorts weather, even if only for a couple of days! It is supposed to get to like 90!!! We just got back from Walmart and the darn heat is on! June 6th and we have heat on!

Our show in Norwich, CT has been canceled and the next show is the end of July in Nashua NH! Kind of a bummer, but I understand, and that actually gives me a bit more time to do some stuff.

My friend, Robynne, and I have started a new endeavor, for me a side project although I will be focused on it as much as my existing work. It is beading…of course, but with a different aim. We have called the site “Wench Wares’, geared toward ladies who ride motorcycles or ride as passengers.  I have the site started, but a long way from completion. I have a piece started for it and Robynne has several pieces ready, she just has to take the photographs for the site. I don’t think it will take long between 2 of us to fill it up! LOL Here is the link:  Wench Wares

So that is all the latest! My son is having his CD release party tomorrow night, so I look forward to going to that! I will post pics of my 2 new pieces tomorrow. Have a great night!


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