All Set

to take pictures and must have left the darn camera in the car! How aggravating is that?? LOL Oh well, they are all ready to go as soon as Dave walks in the door. It is so hot here it isn’t even funny! Hard to believe just a few days ago everyone still had their heat on here! 98 today just down the road..

I have been working really hard on the Wench Wares site and even have a piece of work done for it too. I am thinking of maybe starting another blog with that as the focus.

I was asked this morning in my email if I would like to teach another class at The Beadin’ Path….uuumm yeah!! LOL She wants me to teach the rivoli class. NO PROBLEM! especially where the next Bead Fiesta show was canceled. So I am pretty excited about that!! I have to ‘whip up’ another model though. Won’t take me long for sure!

So that is today’s latest info and I will be back on here a bit later with photos..promise!!


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