The Beadin’ Path Mask Pics!!!

HI everyone!!! I HIGHLY encourage you to go see these in person!!! For display times and exhibition info go to: Behind The Mask!! I will be going several times to see these!!! The photos do not even begin to do these justice!! They are a must see in person showing!!!

That’s all folks! There should be 37 in there and if I made any typos I apologize! I had a blast up there tonight. I got to meet some fab people!! The masks are most awesome naturally in person! Dave did pretty well with the pics, hey we aren’t pros and some were hard to get the angle on! hehe Fun also to see how many are right out of my own backyard!! I must say as I was editing these pics, which was just a matter of reszing and adding the names, I had to many do you think could be ‘named’ after the person that beaded the mask??! Some inner insight to the beader themselves, it makes a person wonder. The ones that remain untitled too, kind of interesting why the beader didn’t name them. I like to pick people’s brains on occasion LOL So if you have comments to add about your own masks…drop me a comment!! I have a feeling this blog entry is going to be seen a few times hehe


11 thoughts on “The Beadin’ Path Mask Pics!!!

  1. I am blown away! The creativity, the diversity, the incorporation of the various medium, the wonderful colors. A truly magnificent display of art. Congratulations to each participant. Just stunning!

  2. Chris and Dave:

    Thank you, Thank you. Your effort to bring us all the experience of seeing this display that we have been waiting for is appreciated so much. What amazing talent! and dedication displayed by each artist.

  3. My mask is named after me. My life at the time felt like it was in constant chaos. When I started her, my idea was to glue all of the mask with beads with no particular pattern. As time went on and I was going through some major changes in life, I realized that I didn’t want to be so regimented in my creativity.

  4. Wow the masks are gorgeous! You know when you asked why some people didn’t name their pieces, I had to chuckle…because I completely forgot to label my piece with her name! lol I called her ‘Demeter Visits the Vineyard’ Thank you for taking the time to photograph all the masks. They are so amazing, so much talent from everyone!
    Deborah Steinmetz

  5. My mask is the Seduction of the Sea with the mermaid on it. I am so happy for you that you got to go to the opening celebration of the mask display. I would have loved that, but I am a grade 6 teacher and school was still on up to that day. I do hope to get down mid-July though. Thanks for taking the time to post photos on your blog. It is fun to have a preview, and like you said, there is nothing like seeing them “live”, to really appreciate the colour and depth of the art!

    You wrote:
    “Dave did pretty well with the pics, hey we aren’t pros and some were hard to get the angle on!”
    I think the photos are great. No need to apologize for them!


  6. Wow… Congratulations to all the entrants… these are stunning. Thank you Christina and Dave for bringing them to those of us not there… Great job everyone!

  7. Mine didn’t have the name with it, but looking closely, one might be able to figure it out. The name is ‘She’s a Puzzle to Me’, and it reflects the different ‘people’ that make up the ‘mask’ of my youngest daughter. She is so many people, and just beginning to gel into herself at 19. We all show many sides of ourselves, some like complete people, and that is what I wanted to convey, with the Mask’s help!
    I want to say thank-you for letting it join the others, with its late arrival!
    Wish I could have been there, as well.

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