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Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my previous post!! I decided to make ‘The Beadin Path Mask Challenge Pics’ post private until it has come and gone. I am sorry if you were unable to catch a glimpse. The Beadin’ Path will be taking professional pictures, from what I understand, and they will be posting it on their own website. So as to not step on their toes even further, I took it off from public viewing for now.

I have been beading like crazy for Wench Wares I have so much to do for both websites it isn’t funny. I have also been inspired as of late, with a website I ran across. Being a cross stitcher and a beader, I am always a stickler for details. I don’t just look at people’s websites. I examine and study them. I look at layout and color and all the graphics. I see if they please my eyes or not. I would love to go back to school to learn some of this work, in addition to the beading. I continue to follow my history of being a Jack of all Trades, but hope I am becoming a Master of Some LOL

I also have another blog..Wench Wares Blog, so if you think things are quiet in here, follow me over there, you will see that in one place or another I am posting new work 😉

Next Bead Fiesta show is in Nashua NH July 19-20 These are my classes for that show.

Following Bead Fiesta I have a class at The Beadin’ Path $10.00 for registration!! Hurry limited space!

Have a great day everyone!


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