Good Things in the World of Beading

This morning I ran across something and started to wonder. I know people use Fireline alot for their beading and the other day, I thought I had run across an article from Caravan Beads about C-Lon. I am referring to ‘test strength’ of Fireline versus C-Lon. I can no longer find the C-Lon article (of course and I may have misread anyway). Many women buy 4# and 6# test Fireline, because it is a smaller diameter and can run through the teeny beads more times. I thought I had read that C-Lon had a double digit test strength. Test strength means that the strength (#) can hold that much in weight before breakage. 4# test = 4 lbs in weight, etc. Now everyone is always concerned (and rightfully so) about the thread breaking with Swarovski crystals and such. I have used C-Lon endlessly with all types of bead, bugles and crystals and have never ever had a problem with breakage. I did break down recently and bought some Fireline to see what all the hype was about (ouch Dave’s wallet!!), I haven’t used it yet though, because I tend to use over amounts, so I guess some would say I am a tad wasteful on my thread, so I have been scared to use the Fireline because I will end up with unusable pieces (cha-ching in the trash!) To sum it up, if 6# test Fireline hold 6lbs and C-Lon has a double digit test weight (if I read properly), why would anyone buy Fireline with a weaker test strength for soooo much money, when C-Lon holds more test weight?? Does anyone out there know the actual test weight of C-Lon?? I can always write my buddies at Caravan to find out, but will wait and see what you all have to say.


Speaking of Caravan Beads, are you all aware of this awesome contest they are having?? Check this out! Not due until May 1, 2009!!!

Mmmm…Miyuki! Contest #4


I suppose I should go to the Caravan Beads website way more often!! This I also found on there! They wrote: “Several years ago I created a bead store review site on Ning which now runs itself. If you own a retail bead store or if you’d like to review a bead store, beadstores.ning is a place to do it. “

I had NO idea this existed and I read in my Yahoo groups all the time of women who are traveling looking for bead shops in the area of the travel destination….so how freakin cool is this??!!


About ME LOL I will be in Nashua, Nh this weekend with Bead Fiesta!! YAY!!! The last show in Norwich, CT was canceled (wallet bummer!), so I have been having withdrawals of sorts. This is the place:

Courtyard Marriott
2200 Southwood Drive

Nashua, NH

I will also have my end of Wench Wares on my table….psyched!! Hope I have enough room! 😉

These are the classes I am teaching there: CLASSES

They have other cool classes there, I wish I could take!! There is also a great list of VENDORS this show!!! I should also be receiving from Bev, of MacArts ,the samples of cabs she made for the Bead Embroidery workshop for the Marlborough, MA show in September!! YAY!!! I am very excited to see them and work up the class model!

And did you all know??!! They have a coupon for the entry fee, just print it out and bring to the show!!! COUPON


I also have a class coming up at The Beadin Path!! SUNBURST RIVOLI


Off to my couch to work on Screamin’ Eagle for Wench Wares! This is a bead embroidered cuff and I should be done today…yay yay yay!!



PS~ I opened an Etsy site a few weeks ago, but haven’t done much in it!

Not enough time in a darn day…..


PSS EDIT~~~ I forgot to mention too that I am working on some really really cool cabochons!! I adore them and am fine tuning the process, so keep your eyes open for a Cabochon post!!


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